Active Living Massage, located within the Best Western Hotel Fernie 

The Fernie community is extremely active and i understand the pains that can come with being adventurous! 
As someone who enjoys all that Fernie has to offers myself i know all too well the frustrations that pain and discomfort can bring to an active individual.

Massage therapy can help the body deal with stress, encourages circulation, helps to inhibit muscle spasm and can help to relax or stimulate the nervous system.  

It can improve the effectiveness of other therapies including chiropractic, acupuncture 

Each person is Unique and so your treatments will be individual to your needs and can vary from a soothing gentle treatment to help your relax  to a “No pain no Gain”,  you can decide what is needed.  

Active Living Massage  - Helping to Keep you  Active

Karina Ruffles
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